EagleRider India introduces an academy for women riders

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EagleRider India, in association with M3M India, conducted its first motorcycle training intervention. Both the brands are said to be aiming at promoting the passion for riding in the capital and ensuring that woman riders in Delhi ride with confidence. The academy aims at providing a platform for women to understand their motorcycles and interact with seasoned riders in a controlled environment.


EagleRider India Academy is a classroom and outdoor riding experience inclusive of 10 hours of training and a highway breakfast ride. This initiative empowers women to learn safe two-wheeler riding in a single day. The training course focuses on understanding the machine and the safety gear; all the basics of how to start a motorcycle, controlling gear and clutch, manoeuvring, handling street and highway challenges. The company provides motorcycles along with protective gear to the participants and this academy is not restricted to teaching women only.

Speaking on the occasion, Samar JS Sodhi, founder of Big Motorcycle Company and franchise owner of EagleRider India, said that the EagleRider Academy is a sincere effort to give back to passionate riders with seasoned quality training and interactive sessions. The EagleRider Academy is committed to deliver exceptional experiences to the riding community. They want the Academy to emerge as an enabler for every woman in Delhi who desires to learn the joy of riding in a controlled and safe environment.

Recounting her experience at the EagleRider Academy, Swati Shah said, “All I would say is that riding always seemed like a liberating experience and why pillion was my thought!! Walking into the Eagle Rider store one rainy afternoon was probably the best thing I did in a long time! I plan to make it one hell of ride and make some new friends along the way”.

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