Ducati Unveils 2021 Riding Apparel Collection

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Ducati is a mighty name in performance motoring segment. And the rider readily extracts every ounce of performance on offer only if he feels safe and well protected. Enter Ducati 2021 apparel collection. Ducati, today unveiled its 2021 spec apparel collection comprising of everything you would expect it to pack. Ducati says it has created its 2021 collection for all sorts and kinds of motorcyclists. Urban travels, sporty riding, cruising on a highway, track-specific race action, you name it.

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The Ducati technical apparel collection is divided into 4 lines – Racing line dedicated to track use, the sport line for some sporty riding on the roads, Touring line to go on and off the road, and finally the Urban line for moving in and around the city.

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Keeping safety in the centre of the mix, as Ducati claims to, it has brought up the new DC V5 Helmet, with an SNC2 ( Structural Net Composite ) outer shell to provide protection against impact and dissipate the impact energy. The visor is claimed to provide a wide view of what’s around at any given amount of lean angle.

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Another offering from this collection is the Ducati Corse D5 leather jacket, from the sport line. It comes equipped with interchangeable aluminium plates for the shoulders and composite protectors for the elbows and is designed to allow insertion of a back and a chest protector with a fixed liner of sweat-proof, hypoallergenic material.

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The 2021 Touring Ducati line includes aqua rainproof jackets and trousers with good waterproofing ratings which Ducati claims, have been tested extensively. Ducati offers Urban line for a city rider and also a range of sportswear branded Ducati Corse. In all, the 2021 collection includes Ducati Corse C5 jacket, DC race suit, Speed air C4 jacket, Downtown C2 technical sweatshirt, Aqua rain jacket and trousers, Daylight HV vest, DC V5 helmet, D-Attitute helmet and tour V4 helmet, DC C5 gloves, DC C2 technical short boots DC track sweatshirt, Polo DC track, T-shirt DC track, Racing spirit cap and a DC track cap.

Ducati official riding gear (3)

The entire Ducati 2021 apparel collection can be found on their website and can be purchased by everyone via their online store.

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