Ducati India To Introduce 5 DRE Events In The Second Half Of 2019

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Ducati India has announced its upcoming DRE (Ducati Riding Experience) courses for the second half of 2019. After the huge success of DRE activities in India till now, Ducati has lined up – DRE Safety in the month of July, Dream tour to Spiti Valley, DRE individual racetrack training and DRE Off-Road Days in the month of August, followed by DRE Track Days in September, Ducati Race Cup in October and finally, the 2019 JK Tyre Superbike Championship in November.

DRE Track Days

The new course in the DRE program is DRE-Safety, which will help riders acquire all the knowledge and practical preparation necessary for safe riding. This course teaches the safety concepts tailored to each participant, depending on their experience. On the other hand, Ducati Dream Tour is an exclusive Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) where riders get to experience the capabilities of their Ducati in different conditions with various other entertainment activities that are specifically designed to create memories of a lifetime.

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DRE Safety

For those who seek the thrills of speed, the DRE Individual Racetrack Training focuses on teaching, enjoyment and adrenaline where riders are provided world-class training, one on one, from certified DRE Instructors on the racetrack, while riding the most beautiful and high-performance bikes in the Ducati Superbike family. DRE Track Days is an event for Ducati riders, aimed at enhancing their skills of on track and providing them with an opportunity to ride their motorcycles with legendary riders like Alessandro Valia, official test rider for Ducati. This event also gives non-Ducati riders a chance to experience the Ducati DNA by test riding Ducati superbikes.

DRE Off Road Days

Those who like getting off the tarmac can participate in the DRE Off-Road course, which is designed in accordance with the skill set and experience of different riders to help improve their riding skills on off-road terrain. This course pays special emphasis on making the riders feel more confident and safer, off road. Apart from this, Ducati is currently running its program ‘Do-It-Yourself – Ducati Discoveries Experience’ only for India in partnership with Infinity Resorts. The DIY program allows riders to craft their own Dream Tours with Ducati for the ultimate experience and live in quintessential Ducati Style. This year, four more destinations will be added to the list of places, apart from Corbett National Park.