Ducati 1199: More spy pictures and details

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Duacti’s 1199 is clearly the most eagerly awaited international superbike of an otherwise dull 2011. We have brought to you the spy pictures and details of this radically new Ducati many times earlier as well. This time, the bike has been caught on camera from behind. Although heavily taped, the bike still reveals a few bits which we missed in the earlier pics which were shot from a distance.

Viewed from such a close angle for the first time, the bike doesn’t look as small and compact as it did in the earlier pictures. The image clearly shows the Ninja 650R style underbelly exhaust with the header pipe from the front cylinder merging into the can. You can see the header pipe running parallel to the fairing, and extruding slightly. There is no sight of the monoshock in the RHS view, which mans that the suspension has been placed in the left hand side, offset.

The image also gives us the first close-up, and clear glimpse of the sporty tail-end of this new machine. Angled sportily towards the sky, sharply styled and reasonably big in size, the tail end clearly shows no sign of allowing for a pillion rider’s seat.

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Ducati 1199

Ducati 1199 artist’s rendering


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