Delhi Police Nabs 5 Stunt Riders After Their Video Surfaced Online

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Indian roads are infamous for the dangers it has always been associated with. Be it pothole-ridden roads, stray animals, jaywalkers or the drivers and the riders, they all make sure that even a short evening ride becomes no less than an adventure. We have covered countless stories which showcase the stupidity of people and how their nuisances could have turned fatal. One such incident took place on the busy streets of Delhi’s Vikas Marg.

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After a video of a group of bikers performing stunts on the said route surfaced online, five stunters were arrested by the Delhi Police. The arrested have been identified as Sonu Kashyap, Kamal, Pawan, Sachin and Vipul Sharma.

Delhi stunters busted

The video was filmed by a passerby and showcased half a dozen bikes and scooters with young men in their early twenties doing dangerous stunts on the roads risking their lives together with the lives of others. The person who shot the video later uploaded it on Twitter, tagging Delhi Police in the post. None of them was wearing any helmet or protective gear but seen wearing face masks. Delhi Police was quick on its feet and managed to nab all the offenders. Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Jasmeet Singh, tweeted “ The bikers have been identified. Legal action is being taken by the Shakurpur police station.” By the evening, five men were arrested in connection with the incident for rash driving and under provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act, he said.

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In the 20-second video, the bikers are seen standing on the bikes, some seen pulling the front wheel off in the air and some are seen doing tripling on the bikes flouting traffic regulations. One of the stunters was also seen standing on a moving motorcycle. Delhi Police has been pretty vigilant against stunt biking and on various occasions have apprehended many stunt bikers on roads. Many advisories have also been issued in this regard to the general public.


Stunt riding is a sport but only if you take in that way and hone your skills in a controlled environment and while wearing proper riding gears. When you take it to the public streets, it turns into a serious offence because you are putting your life at risk together with the lives of others. Such incidents defame the stunt riders who are pretty serious for the sport and that is one sad thing. The general public’s consensus regarding stunt riders will only change when stunt riding isn’t portrayed in a negative way.

If you are good at pulling off impressive stunts on a motorcycle, practice in a controlled environment while ensuring your own safety too. The authorities are keeping a close tab on social media and are getting quick on their feet to bust the offenders. One such similar incident took place in Bengaluru when a superbiker posted a video of him clocking 299 km/h on Bengaluru roads went viral. Soon, Bengaluru police managed to track him down and seize his prized possession, a Yamaha R1. Mr Sandeep Patil, Joint Commissioner of Bengaluru Police took it to Twitter to announce the same.

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