Deepa Malik: The first paraplegic woman to proudly hold a FMSCI license and complete the desert storm rally!


Deepa Malik was the Biker Personality of the month in the December 2009 issue of Motoroids 2. The first time we got to have a casual talk with this great woman was not in a formal manner at an office or café, nor was it on the phone. We at Motoroids were lucky enough to witness Mrs. Malik in action at the Durex Ride for Safety. So what’s the big deal? Well, for all those who do not know, Deepa Malik is completely paralyzed below her waist. But this was not a hindrance to her dream of becoming a biker. She very well achieved it in a rather rocking way. She took all the pains she was already suffering and added many more to them not just for the name and fame. She achieved her dream, but the motive behind this dream was to be a source of inspiration to all those unfortunate people who spend a life of fear on the wheel chair. She experimented with her life by setting the wheel chair aside and replacing it with a saddle. Her experiment was very much successful and she wishes that every person like her should make an attempt to make a change in their lives by keeping the wheel chair aside.

deepa malik

Deepa Malik had her eyes placed on the desert storm rally since quite some time. Since the past eight years, the northern motorsports has been organizing this rally. A journey of almost 3000 km through breath taking landscapes and the toughest terrain to maneuver. The rally also includes night driving through the desert which looks not a single percent like a desert after the sun has gone. A road book is used by contestants to find their way through the rally. Quite challenging! But even more challenging for Mrs. Malik. It gives us immense pleasure to say that Deepa Malik has successfully completed the desert storm rally even though being paraplegic. Leaving the rally aside, she is the first physically challenged woman to hold an FMSCI license for the TSD (Time Distance Speed) category. “For me the rally was a platform used to put across a message that disability is not a hindrance in our lives. Given a chance we are capable of the same endurance. Another main reason was that it was the celebration of my civil license which I earned through a lengthy process at the ministry of transport and highways,” says Mrs. Malik.

We at Motoroids are very much proud to have a personality like Deepa Malik amongst us in the Motoring Fraternity. We wish her all the very best in her mission to be a role model to all others who are deprived of the wonderful adventure of motorsports.


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