DC Design builds a Palace for the King of SUVs

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Called the iLounge, this high-tech, palatial treatment by DC Design is meant for the Toyota Fortuner’s cabin. If you are a little King of your tiny Kingdom, this transformation will set you back by INR 8.95 lakh. But then, that’s just the starting price and only the new Fortuner’s interiors can be transformed to look like this.


The third row done away with, DC Design has placed two really plush and humongous thrones at the back, each with its own extendable leg support for the passengers to stretch it out. Maybe the backrest reclines too, but we can’t confirm yet. Since two headrest mounted screens weren’t enough, the central space gets two additional tablets which we suppose can remotely change a few things inside. Then there’s space for your bubbly to stay cool and individual workstations to keep an eye on those stocks. Some rich looking inserts have been embedded within the door pads and colour schemes can be picked according to taste.


While we love the end result, a large panoramic glass on the roof would’ve just been the Taj on this Mahal. But hey, maybe if you’re ready to spend, they’d get that done for you. If you’ve been thinking about getting that super expensive premium sedan or SUV, just for what it offers on the inside, think again.


With a vehicle built to take on the rough, you can still be pampered inside this way. We don’t know if they’d fit adaptive dampers too. You can always check though.


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