Datsun to begin selling cars in India from March 2014

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Nissan’s budget brand, Datsun, which tried to attract public attention by the means of roadshows all over the country, will be commencing its sales in India from March 2014.


As already known, Datsun cars will be sold through existing Nissan dealerships. Not only will these cars share the showroom space with their more premium cousins, but will also be serviced at the same workshops. This will help Nissan Datsun build up a large network of dealerships and service stations without having to invest double the money.

Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun, said: “Selling the Datsun GO and future Datsun models through Nissan Motor represents a natural evolution of the company’s operations in India, which are well recognized in the market. We are excited about launching the iconic Datsun brand in India and look forward to bringing a growing range of bespoke, locally-produced products and high level services to our customers.”

With the new Datsun Go hatchback, Datsun will target Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities to attain good sales volumes from a very early period. Also, Datsun will make sure that the price of the spares for the Go is very competitive. In addition, the quality of the spares will be best in class. Datsun will target first time buyers, as well as young customers with the Go hatchback.

 The budget carmaker will showcase its Go hatchback, the Go+ seven-seater MPV  along with a new concept car at the Delhi Auto Expo next month. The concept car’s styling is aimed at attracting younger car buyers, at the same time, retaining all features that reflect the brand’s values.

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