Dakar 2019, Stage 4: Two Sherco TVS Riders Maintain Their Position In The Top 20

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After riding for 799 kms from San Juan de Marcona to Arequipa for stage 3, the Sherco TVS Rally Factory team and its four riders did well during Stage 4. The first of the two long marathon stages, where riders are on their own, without the help of their crew, Stage 4 stretched from Arequipa to Moquegua. It included 259 km of liaison and 405 km of specials. The riders will ride back to Arequipa in stage 5, covering a total distance of 776 km, which includes 345 km of special. This will be a marathon stage as well.

Stage 4 Sherco TVS Factory Rally Dakar 2019 (4)

The riders began the stage on sand dunes, gradually moving to the first fesh fesh surface at Dakar 2019. Fesh fesh is fine sand which looks like solid ground but behaves like soft mud. The riders made a good start and navigated their way through sand, fesh fesh and rocks successfully to complete stage 4. Lorenzo continues to be aggressive in his riding and finished in the top 10 stage position. He holds the 13th position (overall) at the end of stage 4.

© RallyZone – Edoardo Bauer

Stage 4 tested the navigation skills of the riders and the team rose up to the challenge. Michael Metge had a small fall but was able to get back on his bike quickly. He improved his ranking to the 26th position. Adrien Metge had a good start and navigated successfully to finish the stage in the 21st position. His overall ranking at the end of stage 4 is 16th. Aravind KP continues his steady journey towards the finish line and completed stage 4 at the 64th position (overall).

© RallyZone – Edoardo Bauer

Talking about the team’s performance, Team manager David Casteu said, “Our team navigated their way successfully through this complicated stage on tricky terrains and this reassures me. I am confident that the team will push their limits and make us proud. I am very excited to see them back at the bivouac after stage 5.

© RallyZone – Edoardo Bauer
© RallyZone – Edoardo Bauer
Stage 4 Sherco TVS Factory Rally Dakar 2019 (4)
© RallyZone – Edoardo Bauer
© RallyZone – Edoardo Bauer

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