Customised Royal Enfield Classic 350 Carries A Good Looking Licence Plate

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We probably aren’t the only ones out there to think that manufacturers and designers spend years to come out with some striking designs, only for the saree guard and the front licence plate to then pour cold water on all that hard work. But based on a Royal Enfield Classic 350, this customised version called the Concord has found a good looking solution. Built by Eimor Customs, the team says they haven’t done anything new for this bike, but carried forward the standard approach in a different way.

Eimor Customs Concor side profile left

Coming to the front end of this Bobber-styled RE, we like how the offset headlight leaves space for a metal plate which has been affixed with a vertical licence plate that keeps things neat rather than making it an eyesore. The change is complemented by ribbed bobber tyres and a short fender. The custom fuel tank looks right at home and so does the paint job.

Eimor Customs Concor instrument console

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But what also stands out for this build is a Smiths made speedometer which is as old-school as it gets and is calibrated to display speed in miles per hour. There’s an ammeter for company and the custom handlebar should make it easy for the rider to manoeuvre this thing in spite of the raised, peanut-shaped fuel tank.

Concord by Eimor Customs

At the back, the single, spring-loaded saddle sits right above the twin rear shocks which carry out suspension duties for a rear tyre which is just as vintage as the front rubber. We like the side-mounted rear licence plate and the overall execution of the entire mod job. They call it the Concord.

Eimor Customs Concor rear section

There has been a heavy crackdown on customised vehicles lately and in our honest opinion, it is the killing of an expression and art form. An automobile is a matter of passion for many and personalisation is just an extension of that feeling. While we agree that certain things like seriously loud exhaust systems or modifications which can potentially harm other road users or the environment must be looked at, there needs to be some regulation which people should be asked to adhere to. A complete ban isn’t the solution at all. It will only kill what is a culture, a way of living, something which inspires creativity.

Concord by Eimor Customs
Eimor Customs Concor rear three quarters
Eimor Customs Concor side profile left
Eimor Customs Concor rear head on
Eimor Customs Concor rear section
Eimor Customs Concor rear licence plate
Eimor Customs Concor front low angle
Eimor Customs Concor side profile
Eimor Customs Concor instrument console

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