Customised bobber ‘Domina’ adds more royalty to Royal Enfield

Customised bobber 'Domina' adds more royalty to a Royal Enfield. Here are more details and images of the Neev Motorcycles Domina.

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Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (5)

Neev Motorcycles’ Domina truly adds more royalty to Royal Enfield with the addition of premium hardware and customised body parts on the 500cc thumper. The custom bobber gets a major visual overhaul and almost all the parts have been replaced by customised units. The motorcycle, as aforementioned, gets a bobber theme and thus rides on fat Avon Bobber tires sans the front fender. Spoked wheels add to the retro look while the WP upside down telescopic forks upfront — most likely borrowed from KTM — add a modern touch to the thumper.

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Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (2)

But what really takes the cake is the detailed brass embellishments on the brake and clutch levers, customised fuel tank and on the side panel. ‘Domina’ tag is neatly imprinted on the fuel tank. The leather saddle with dual spring is neat and old-school and we absolutely adore the design. The custom, short length exhaust would have definitely helped shed some weight while providing lower centre of gravity. The swingarm mounted blinkers and numberplate eliminate the tail unit while the custom rear fender exposes a good part of that meaty rear tyre.

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Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (3)

This sure is a neat custom job and definitely adds royalty to the thumper. Get a quick recap of what’s gone into making the Domina through the specifications below followed by the image gallery. Do let us know your views about the motorcycle through the comments section below.

Bobber Built on Royal Enfield 500cc — Specifications:

  • 500cc Engine Block.
  • Inverted telescopic forks suspension.
  • Hardtail design.
  • Brass work.
  • Metal engraving.
  • Avon Bobber tires.
  • Old school head lamp , tail light and turn signals.
  • Chromed dropdown mirrors.
  • Multi-spokes wheels.
  • Hand-built Tank and mudguards.
  • Leather seat with springs.
  • Paint, Chrome , Brass work, engraving and detailing
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (7)
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (6)
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (5)
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (4)
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (3)
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (2)
Royal Enfield Domina Bobber (1)

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