Factory-Built custom Royal Enfield gets turbocharged for Mo’ Powa’

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Mo’ Powa’ (7)

I’m no hipster who gets cocky with titling his articles, but that’s exactly what’s it called – Mo’ Powa’. Nobody’s turbocharged a Royal Enfield before, so this thing, custom built by Royal Enfield themselves (with a little help from Harris Performance), has got to be the first of its kind. It was unveiled at the ongoing motorcycle blitzkrieg called Wheels & Waves festival in France, and is a “Dragster-meets-Mad Max” motorcycle, which sounds nice, quite hip actually.

Mo’ Powa’ (1)

Based on a Classic 500 chassis, Mo’ Powa’ features a stretched wheel base and lowered stance. While the former comes courtesy a longer swing arm picked from the Continental GT, the latter is achieved by employing lowered front forks with a stiffer spring. Other key modifications to the cycle parts include K-Tech rear shocks, mounted outboard as the originals, but longer with lower mounts that dropped below the swing arm, giving Mo’ Powa’ a true dragster’s stance.

Mo’ Powa’ (5)

Back to the blown engine, it features a carburetor instead of the EFI, and is cradled in the frame which has been visually minimalised by removing the air-box. The updated power output is still a secret though. Between the flatter handlebars now sit a boost gauge instead of the traditional fuel gauge, while the key has been replaced with a military-styled switch. The instrument cluster also adds an Air-Fuel meter.

Mo’ Powa’ (6)

The front wheel has been retained, while the rear is a new Excel Rim considerably larger than stock to fit the dragster ethos. Stock tires were replaced by Continental TKC70 knobbies to add a tinge of off-road prowess to the build. The seat pan is a modified stock steal base that has been re-shaped and covered in deer skin with racing foam accents. Mo’ Powa’ also gets a custom-built exhaust that has been fabricated by hand at Harris Performance, and is modeled after a MotoGP motorcycle’s unit.

Mo’ Powa’ (7)
Mo’ Powa’ (6)
Mo’ Powa’ (5)
Mo’ Powa’ (4)
Mo’ Powa’ (3)
Mo’ Powa’ (2)
Mo’ Powa’ (1)


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  • Ajay Prabith Prakash says:

    Great job. how well it runs? how much psi it makes?? does it have turbo lag?? lubrication from engine for turbo or separate for it.. epic work man.

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