Customise your New Bajaj Dominar with These Accessories from Autologue Design

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As we mentioned in our review of the updated Bajaj Dominar UG, the folks at Autologue Design shall be providing a variety of bolt-on accessories for the bike. Despite being feature loaded for the price bracket it will be placed in, buyers can further personalise their bikes in their unique way with these add ons. While most of these accessories can be brought from other manufacturers, the parts provided by Autologue design have been engineered exclusively for this model which implies that these can be bolted on directly on your bike without the need for any major modifications. Here are some of the accessories that can be brought for the motorcycle directly from the website of Autologue designs. If online shopping is ot your style, these accessories would also be made available at the dealership that would be delivering your brand new bike.

Acrylic Visor – INR 2,160

Capable of cruising on triple-digit speeds all day long, the rider would have to face the force of the wind while going down the road because to the street bike design language of the Dominar. This visor would offer some protection from the force of the wind on long rides. The visor can be brought in a clear or smoked finish to suit your preferences.

Bajaj Dominar 400 smoked visor

Knuckle Guards – INR 1,440

As the name suggests, knuckle guards protect your knuckles and fingers from getting hit by flying debris on the road. Deflecting flying debris coming towards your hands, these knuckle guards are made of high-quality material and are offered in a choice of two paint schemes, riders can choose between a matte or glossy black finish to suit their bike.

dominar fender type 1

Fenders – INR 1,800

The folks at Autologue design have also crafted 2 unique fender designs for this extremely capable motorcycle. One has two design types to choose from and each of them is offered in a choice of three shades – Rock Black, Canon Red and Moon White.

Dominar fender type 2

Belly – INR 3,240

A belly is a very crucial piece of equipment if you plan to take on an adventure on your Dominar 400. Made of thick material, this plate will prevent stone, pebbles and other debris from hitting the underside of the engine. Equipped with this bash plate, one can easily take off-road trails on their Dominar without worrying about any engine damage. This plate is available in a choice of three colours – Rock Black, Canon Red and Moon White.

bajaj dominar 400 belly

Tank Grips – INR 800

Tailor-made exclusively for the Bajaj Dominar, these tank grips are made of a special material that prevents your legs from sliding while riding. The special material will also ensure that leather or textile pants are not damaged. Moreover, a special 3M adhesive back allows the tank pads to be removed and repositioned if necessary.

Dominar Tank Grips

Seat Cowl – INR 1,800

If riding solo is your thing, this seat cowl will cover up you pillion seat in a very sporty and stylish way. If you decide to carry a pillion, this cowl can be removed easily and stored at your garage. This cowl is available in a choice of five colours – Rock Black, Canon Red, Midnight Blue, Plum Red and Moon White.

Bajaj dominar cowl

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Tail Tidy – INR 2,520

If you want to give your Dominar a cleaner look from the rear, this tail tidy kit is a must-have accessory for you. This kit not only gets rid of the bulky OEM fender the bike comes with but also fits the stock indicators, number plate light and comes with a number plate bracket as well.

Bajaj Dominar tail tidy

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