Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan With A Quickshifter Claims To Hit 180 Kmph

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The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a capable go-anywhere motorcycle which needs no introduction. A great machine for the outdoors, the bike truly comes into its own when the going gets rough. On the open road, it can cover long distances while cruising comfortably at 100 kmph or so, however, anything more than that, and it starts moving out of its comfort zone. Transforming the standard bike, Thundercloud Customs, a motorcycle customisation shop in Ahmedabad, has built a Himalayan-based, single-seater, bobber-like, fast machine.

We’ll get to the visual details, however, what’s interesting about this build is that it has been fitted with a quickshifter (upshifts only) and claims to hit a top speed of 180 kmph. How does it manage to do that? It has been fitted with a Powertronic ECU which runs two modes – M1 and M2. The former is the more conservative between the two but still makes the bit hit 100 kmph from a standstill in about 6 seconds. M2 makes things more aggressive and allows the bike to achieve the same result in under five seconds. Other performance upgrades include a barrel ghost exhaust system and a custom 14-teeth front sprocket.

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PROJECT: RUMBLE (Prototype) A Cafe Racer inspired build based on Royal Enfield’s Himalayan. #royalenfield #royalenfieldcustom #royalenfieldindia #royalenfieldhimalayan #powertronic #barrelexhaust #caferacersofinstagram #bulletlovers

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In terms of visuals, the sub-section of the chassis has been chopped off and the Himalayan has been fitted with a custom sub-frame which only allows seating for one. Instead of the 21″ front wheel on the standard bike, both ends have been fitted with 17″ rims, which were borrowed from a KTM to keep weight in check. However, to maintain the retro appearance, those rims have been retrofitted with wire spokes. Other cosmetic additions include a custom 7″ headlight and its holder, clip-on handlebars and custom switches, a customised triple clamp, taillight and saddle.


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From the factory, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is now available with a BS6 engine and in new colour options. Although we are yet to ride one, many suggest that the engine has now become more refined and with things like switchable ABS for the rear wheel, the bike’s capabilities have improved. When we can, we’ll ride one and tell you more. Until then, stay home and stay safe.

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