Coolest features you can expect in a chauffeur insurance policy

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Chauffeured cars are cool; the people riding in these cars are cool; but, what about chauffeur insurance policies? Are they cool? Well, unfortunate as it is, most holders of such policies would answer in the negative. Thankfully, you can shift gears and have the confidence of regarding your insurance as a cool deal, provided you know the benefits it has to dole out to you to be regarded any good. Here, we surface out the coolest features that a chauffeur insurance policy can provide you.

Celebrity carriage insurance and free public liability up to few million Euros

A chauffeur service is not the easiest of businesses to maintain and manage. Firstly, the core tangibles involved in the service delivery are super luxury cars that can break the bank for any business! Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Maybach – all these are pretty routine terms spoken in a chauffeured cars’ service office. The price tags of these vehicles run into several thousands of dollars, and damage to even one of these can dent the account sheets of a business for a quarter. Secondly, the implications in terms of financial compromises when the passengers inside the chauffeured cars happen to be celebrities are unimaginable! In this context, a chauffeur plan that offers celebrity carriage coverage as well as free public liability up to £3 million is a really cool deal for a business relying on chauffeured cars.


New 2014 Mercedes S Class S500 Action shots

Complete cover for all stages of a tragedy – right from accident management cover to free legal charges

If your chauffeured vehicles end up in road crash, you are in for serious financial troubles. Of course, your problems get reduced to thin air if you have a smart insurance policy that provides you end to end protection. The umbrella policy begins protecting you right from the time of the accident to the time you need to get into legal services for the management of the case that might be filed against your company. You really have to be at your best in terms of your negotiations kill to get all these clauses in your chauffeur insurance policies. Thankfully, there are insurance service providers that give you the best of all worlds in their insurance policies.

The ease of managing your payments and upgrades in the policy

An insurance policy, although a support mechanism in case of an accident, can be a real pain to manage when things are going smoothly on road! Missed premium payment penalties are huge, and the flexibility in terms of payment is something that not many policy holders can boast of. Therefore, you would really not mind calling a chauffeur insurance policy cool if it allows you complete payment flexibility, even allows you to make payments using credit card, and doesn’t even charge any credit card fees. Sounds like a dream? Not really, you can find such insurance policy services using the policy comparison websites that are doing the rounds of the Internet.


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