Continental to Provide Electricals & Electronics to Mahindra Reva NXR

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Continental India today announced that the company will provide sophisticated electrical and electronics car body components to Mahindra Reva NXR electric car.  Continental will provide the Basic Function Controller (BFC), immobilizer and remote keyless entry for the Reva.

Continental’s BFC is designed as part of a full set of scalable solutions that can be used to implement body electronics features in a wide range of cars, starting from entry level models to luxury cars.

According to Torsten Kreiling, Head of Body & Security India business unit, “A very interesting discovery in the emerging markets is that customers are constantly looking for advanced features, across vehicle segments. By using platform products and a scalable architecture approach, Continental makes it possible for OEMs to invest in an advanced electrical & electronic system implementation, making sophisticated car body feature deployment a reality.”

“Continental India is proud to deliver our components for the Mahindra Reva NXR, making this the first time ever for such a system to be applied to an electric car in India” he added.

Commenting on the partnership, Chetan Maini, Founder and Chief of Technology & Strategy, Mahindra Reva said, “We believe that Electric Vehicles are the future of individual mobility.All our vehicle models will be based on the concept of 5 C’s – Clean, Convenient, Connected, Clever and Cost Effective. We are glad to have partnered a global automotive technology leader like Continental and I am sure that the synergy will result in superior driving experience for our customers.”

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