Container Truck Carrying Kawasaki Ninja 250 Overturns in Indonesia

container truck carrying dozen kawasaki ninja 250 overturns in indonesia

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Travelling on highways in India you might have come across many overturned trucks and containers. People come in hundreds and loot the goods from the truck. Often, some of these trucks are transporting cars and bikes from the factory to other cities. In a similar incidence, a truck carrying around Kawasaki Ninja 250 bikes overturned after it got involved in a serial accident somewhere in Indonesia.


While the truck has overturned, the bikes look intact. The rope is the main reason most of them are unharmed. Reports say that around 6 bikes were stolen from the truck post the accident. If we consider the price of the Ninja 250 as 3.5 lakh INR, around 21 lakh INR worth of bikes were stolen.


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