Confirmed: Valentino Rossi will make his comeback at Sachsenring

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It’s official! Valentino Rossi is going to race this weekend at Sachsenring and will re initiate his campaign to bag yet another world championship title. After having broken his leg during practice at Mugello, Rossi has been recovering from the injury at his home in Italy. However, the magical racer seems to posses some miraculous healing powers as well and has managed to recover from a serious injury in a surprisingly quick time. He has been given the go-ahead by the Chief Medical Officer, MotoGP and his team has confirmed his comeback as well.

Rossi racing this weekend means that he has effectively missed only 4 of the 18 annual GPs, and he can look forward to finishing in the top three if luck favours him. Rossi’s has won 104 points in his race outings this year thus far. His team mate Jorge Lorenzo has been sprinting away to victories for this entire season and has accumulated as many as 275 points. It’s close to impossible to catch up with the championship leader, but knowing Rossi, he will give it a go. And won’t we wish and pray through all the races that he actually succeeds!

Welcome back, Doctor! We missed you a lot – and wish you all the best for the season ahead!

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