Citroen India Launches A New Contest, Called #InspiredByIndia

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Recently, French Automobile manufacturer, Citroen launched a contest for the Indian market, called #InspiredByIndia. Taking the tagline of ‘Inspired by You’ one step ahead, Citroen wants to be inspired by Indians and their unique interpretations of the double chevrons logo in their surroundings. This unique contest will allow participants to explore their creativity while getting a chance to win Citroen’s lifestyle products. The contest has already started on the 15th of July and the winners of the contest will be announced on the 5th of August 2019.

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After introducing the brand’s name to the Indian audience, with pronunciation guides in 18 Indian languages, Citroen India is engaging Indians through this contest with its brand logo. The company wants to be inspired by what people think about their logo, be it the colourful rangoli, samosas or kites, the contest will entail people of India to find the chevrons in a more creative way and share it, to be eligible for the contest.

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“Back in 1900, André Citroën had successfully utilised a patent for gears in the form of double chevrons, a symbol he then used in 1919, when he began to manufacture cars. Between 1921 and 1936, the oval was replaced by a hexagon on a blue background that highlighted the yellow chevrons, then the name Citroën was introduced. In the early 1930s, a parallel logo appeared, representing a swan sailing in Citroën rafters, to symbolize the new floating engines. By 1959, yellow chevrons protrude from a white ellipse and then in 1966, the name Citroën is integrated into a blue square. From 1985, to modernize the image of the brand, the rafters are now white and inserted within a red square. In 2009, the brand’s new logo features chromed and rounded chevrons in 3D, with Citroën, inscribed in red underneath. It was refined further in 2016 when a 2D version inspired by flat design, was unveiled.”

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Commenting on the contest, Mr Roland Bouchara, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Citroën India, said, “Since inception in 1919, Citroën logo stood for boldness and an unfailing human attachment. Globally, Citroën is a “Loved Brand” recognised for its Bold Designs & Comfort offering unique “People minded technologies” in its vehicles. The unique double chevron logo is unmistakably & distinctively Citroën. We are new in India. To connect with the new age “digital Indians” we have launched the #InspiredByIndia Contest on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter which will enable the people of India to engage with our Brand through the exciting opportunity of identifying omnipresence of chevrons in our everyday life.  The contest is now live and we would like to invite everyone to be a part of Citroën’s exciting new journey in India. Come join us!”

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