Chevrolet Sail diesel variants go out of production. Is this the “improved” model?

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According to sources of Autocar India, the Indian subsidiary of American car maker giant General Motors India has asked its dealers to stop selling the diesel variants of both the Sail sedan and the Sail hatchback. This is owing to a potential fault with the 1.3-litre diesel engine that powers both of these cars. We won’t be too surprised if this fault results into a voluntary recall of all diesel models of the Sail saloon and Sail hatchback that have been sold so far.

As per the Voluntary Recall Policy that was adopted by the auto industry of our country in July last year, auto manufacturers have to inform the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), Govt. of India and its customers about any potential fault in its car that warrants a recall.

It isn’t yet for sure if GM India will soon launch a recall drive but P Balendran, vice president, GM India, has said that the manufacturer will soon complete the investigation and act accordingly. He has been quoted as saying, “We will come back to you with an update after thorough investigation in the coming days.”

Meanwhile, a Chevrolet Sail sedan test mule was spotted testing on Mumbai-Pune expressway by our teammate Deepak Dongre. He says that that he saw black smoke emitting from the tail pipe, which means that the test mule was that of a diesel variant. It is hence highly likely that the manufacturer could be testing the changes it has made to the car. We await GM India’s official statement on this before further speculating about the “improved” car.

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  • Amit setia says:

    My car’s engine have changed twice, I have purchased sail uva LS abs diesel model on 31st march 2013 and after 2000 km run engine fail due to faulty part. Chevrolet change the whole engine under warranty but after 2000 km with new engine the problem starts again. My car refuse to start and they change the engine again, i wonder they replace my car’s engine as they are still not able to solve the quality issue with the engine and they halt production of these models and also Intimate the dealers not to sell these models. Except this there are so many problems with this car, mileage is too low as compare to the Chevrolet claim. My car giving only 10-11 in city 13-14 on highway. Why I spend 7 lacs on a diesel car. Some more quality issues are dash board rattling sound, front window glass noise when half rolled down, steering vibrating too much on bad roads. You are struggling to control the car on bad roads. Steering response is not good on highway. I am crying with sail uva. Why I purchase this car? I am asking this question with me every minute every hour. Chevrolet stole my hard earn money. I want my money back. Why Chevrolet launch this kind of poor product without doing much R & D. Chevrolet cheating with the poor customers. “Don’t buy Chevrolet”

  • Rnm Raja says:

    I Bought a SAIL SEDAN LT DIESEL and within a month problem started ,
    the car emits a heavy black smoke and very poor mileage of 8 or 9.

    after servicing it for 3 to 4 times in the authorized service center nothing got improved , and when contacted the show room , they said contact Service people.

    i sent mail to GM and SIAM and got call from Local service center to bring the car once again for service. in the Websites and from other sources heard that they will completely replace the faulty engine but this news was denied by service center people as they don't have official message from GM.

    GM is not recalling or replying the customer's who trusted it and bought the vehicle.
    in faith. this is a kind of betrayal shown by GM to its customers.

  • The engines have a problem. They are rectifying it. You will get your engine replaced too from what we believe, in due course.

  • Sandesh Mane says:

    I Purchased the Sail LS-ABS Diesel Model on 1st June. Really the Car is Having the Heavy Black Smoke Problems at the Exhaust every time whin the turbo kicks or shifting gear’s . I invested 8.15 lakhs for the Car,but not satisfied at all, i launch a complaint regarding it. let’s see what happen next. i will not sit quite.

  • mohan says:

    I had also purchased Sail diesel in the last week of May. Would like to know whether any rectifications would be carried out on the already sold vehicles by GM?