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jawa yezdi bobber images 3While a large part of the youth prefers sharply styled sportsbikes over anything else, there does exist a section of bike fans that love old bikes and Bobbers to a great extent. One such biker is Srikant, who loves Jawa Yezdi bikes to the core. Jawa and Yezdi bikes, which were sold in India between 1960 to 1996, were available in 175, 250 and 350cc engine variants. Back in their days, these bikes were known for their reliability and low maintenance costs. While it surely has been sometime since these bikes have not been on sale here, Srikant hasn’t given up on his love for them and have come up with a 250cc bobber based on his Yezdi. He has namded his creation as “Yamdoot”.

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Talking about his bike, Srikant says, “…so here are the details of my built. Yamdoot is a 250 cc Yezdi classic which we have converted into a old school bobber. It has leaf spring front suspension and mono suspension in rear. The front tyre is 19inch and 17inch in rear . It has a very unique gas tank with two hollow holes designed in it. Yamdoot have proved that  even a Yezdi  can be chopped into a great bobber .This is my first build hope you like it.

He goes on to say,“From my childhood I have this passion and impulse to see things in different way which makes them unique. I don’t like things the way they usually are.I want to make it more unique and impressive. My inspiration has come from the army school environment from where I studied. The way the army men used to customize their bikes, jeeps, trucks according to their need and taste. Until the end of my college days customization was my hobby. But after working as a civil engineer for few months I realized that this is not my passion.So I turned my hobby into full time. Because this is what ..I think, I dream of and I work.” Adding the fact we loved the photography as well, so you score good in there also!”

His customization company, RVS Design, says,” You have your attitude, we make it Impressive’’ Things we like, things we buy, thing we wear, things we use. Shows our attitude, Who we are. We love to out stand among others. This makes us feel alive and we love that feeling.
This Yezdi bobber here is on sale and can be bought for INR 90000.

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