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The Ford EcoSport is easily among the most successful compact SUVs of recent times. Not just has the EcoSport shattered all kinds of sales record in Indian car market, it has performed equally well abroad, especially in car markets like that of Brazil. We have always liked the EcoSport for the good mix of engine options, long features list, attractive pricing and modern exteriors. However, every now and then, we come across a Ford EcoSport modification that makes the compact SUV look even more appealing. One such Ford EcoSport modification is seen here in the images we have on this page.


The Ford EcoSport here in these images is actually a Brazil spec model and has its spare wheel been removed by its owner. The owner of this EcoSport hasn’t just stopped at doing away with the spare wheel and has taken pains to redesign the rear end, all in a bid to make his compact SUV look more attractive. If these images are anything to go by, this seems to be a really well-executed Ford EcoSport modification. The tailgate of this modified EcoSport now features the number plate enclosure, which seems to have been taken from a Fiesta. The car has also been given a re-designed diffuser to go with the new look. Other than this, the car also gets a new set of silver roof rails and alloy wheels.


Modified EcoSport with a stock car

Oh and the spare wheel goes inside the luggage compartment. What do you have to say about this modified EcoSport? Do share your thoughts by penning them down in the comments section below.


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