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In today’s day and age, any item that one aspires can be tweaked and modified or even be created from scratch in order to accommodate ones personal tastes. Keeping this trend in mind, multiple youngsters who are starting out in the industry are turning towards providing bespoke items, for instance, bike enthusiasts cum designers – Tushar jaitly, Bobee Singh and Akash Das are seen creating bikes that are highly customized and unique.


— TJ-Moto Chail

Recently Mr Tushar Jaitly from New Delhi has launched a brand by the name TJ-Moto, which designs bikes as per an individual’s preference. Tushar designed his first bike in September 2013, which was named, ‘Nadia’ and was highly appreciated by all the bike enthusiasts and was showcased in several biker events of India. Following Nadia’s success, Tushar designed his second bike in January 2014, and named it,’Chail’, which is originally the name of a scenic hill Station in Himachal Pradesh. And Tushar certainly has no plans to stop here. He intends to continue building bikes, providing customers with bespoke products tailor made to suit their needs. The good chaps at TJ-Moto claim that they can provide “an elegant and radical feel” to any bike that a client has.


— TJ-Moto Nadia

Talking about the Nadia and Chail, both the bikes are powered by Harley Davidson motors. While the Nadia boasts of a Harley Davidson 883 iron engine, the Chail is powered by Harley Davidson 883 super low engine. Currently, Tushar has no plans to put a price tag on his creations but he sure can come up with more such designs for his customers. 

One can get in touch with Tushar by calling him on 09711396749. Do tell him that you read about TJ-Moto on when calling him.

And what do have to say about Tushar’s Nadia and Chail? Do share your thoughts by penning them down in the comments section below.



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