VIDEO- Check out these 1500 bhp+ Nissan GTRs drag racing in night



The current gen Nissan GTR is easily the hot favorite of tuning and street racing groups alike and the car has achieved as much fan following on the tract as it has on public roads. ThatRacingChannel team had the pleasure of filming two of the most insane Nissan GT-Rs these days racing on the streets. We have already seen a gazillion examples of modified Nissan GTRs, most of which specially prepared for being the quickest thing in the world of drag racing and quarter mile runs. Two such cars can be seen here in the video we have with us today. The Nissan GTR drag racing in this video has been filmed by ThatRacingChannel, who recently had the pleasure of seeing two insanely powerful GTRs in a drag racing event.

The Cranberry GTR that you seen here in the video has more than 1600 HP of max power. This monster of a car boasts of several performance upgrades in the form of a SPE Godzilla turbo kit, a SPE Spec Sonny Bryant 4.1, SPE Stage 4 Trans, et al. The car runs on E98 gas. The other car here in this video is a BlackBird GTR that is powered by a 1500 HP motor! This car’s engine boasts of a 10:1 compression on a 3.8-liter motor, has Boost logic 6466 turbo kit, Shep stage 4 transmission and runs on E85 fuel.

Watch these Godzillas sweating it out in a drag run and in the process, providing us with a visual treat like no other. Do watch the video below and let us know what you feel about these monster by leaving a comment.

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