Video: Carver One, the leaning bike-car, shows us how to de-congest our streets  

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Love the compact size and flickability of two-wheelers, but abhor the way it exposes you to heat, dust and the elements? Love the air-conditioned insides and the stability of a car but loather how it cannot swerve through traffic jams like a motorcycle does? Carver One, conceptualized as a machine that offers the best of both vehicle types gets really close to fuse two, and four wheelers into a leaning, compact, yet feature rich three wheeler.

The machine was conceptualized by Brink Dynamics, known these days as Carver technology, founded by Dutch engineer A. van den Brink founded Brink Dynamics. The idea was to create a compact motorcycle-like-machine with all the benefits of a car. The result was what you see here, the Carver One.

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The Carver One recognizes and appreciates the fact that 90% of the cars transport only one person most of the times, while taking up space enough to accommodate four or five persons. Brink got the idea to design. His vision of creating a man-wide-vehicle that was safe to drive was christened Slender Comfort Vehicle (SCV).

In September 1994 Brink Technologies Group B.V. was founded, and was headed by his son Ing. Chris van den Brink and engineer Harry Kroonen. In 2006 Brink Dynamics was renamed as Carver Engineering. Over 200 Carver One vehicles were produced during the period.

The exact powertrain details of the machine have not been provided at the company website. What we do know, however, is that at the heart of the Carver One is the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) system which automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the cockpit to the speed and acceleration of the vehicle around a bend.

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According to official company documentation, “the power of the system lies in the fact that it is a simultaneous system enabling an ideal plane-like ‘tilting before corning rather than a reactive system that, by definition, would act too late. Featuring Drive by Wire tech, the DVC system has also been used by the Chinese Sunra One trike.

While there have been some other concepts and products which assimilate the qualities of both two and four wheelers, the Carver One looks promising as a full-feature bike-car hybrid. Monsoons are just around the corner, and those of us in Mumbai who face massive traffic snarls can only imagine how such a solution would release a substantial amount of real estate on the road, de-clogging the arterial roads, and saving commuters hours of travel time.

What do you think? Can this sort of a commuting machine transform private transport? Do share your thoughts with us. Check out the videos and image gallery of the Carver One below

Carver technology Carver One (6)
Carver technology Carver One (5)
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Carver technology Carver One (3)
Carver technology Carver One (2)
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