Cameron Diaz makes love with a Ferrari California in The Counselor

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Still from The Counsellor, the new film from director Ridley Scott

Cameron Diaz is easily among the most famous actresses in Hollywood and has quite a few blockbusters to her name.

Cameron Diaz hasn’t been someone to be shy of shedding clothes on screen and has been involved in some steamy scenes in some of her movies.

Now it has emerged that in her latest movie, ‘The Counselor’, there is a rather bizarre scene. Seen in this movie is the four time Golden Globe nominee climbing on to the bonnet of a Giallo Ferrari California and then, indulges in some love making with the car!

Ferrari has raised no objections to the scene and is rather happy about the role that the California has played in the movie. We think we would soon catch the movie to find out what made the very sassy actress to try and make love with the California.

The Ferrari California has to be among the most successful of all the recent Prancing Horse models and has won plenty of accolades for its high aesthetic appeal and scintillating performance. When not getting personal with Cameron Diaz, the car is capable of hitting 310 kmph and can accelerate to 100kmph from standstill in a scant 3.4 seconds.

Source: Mother Jones via GTSpirit

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