British PM Joins Jeremy Clarkson Controversy as New Details Emerge

British PM Joins Jeremy Clarkson Controversy as New Details Emerge. Read ahead for more details


Millions of people have been disheartened to know that Topgear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by BBC following a fracas with a producer. Already 700,000 people have signed a petition to bring him back in the show. Now, even the Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron has come out in support of Jeremy.


In an interview with the BBC, when Cameron was asked to comment on the incident, he said “because he is such a talent and he amuses and entertains so many people, including my children, who’d be heartbroken if Top Gear was taken off air, I hope this can be sorted out, because it’s a great programme and he’s a great talent.”

Jeremy Clarkson

He added that he didn’t “want to interfere” in the BBC’s handling of the incident. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg echoed Cameron on LBC Radio, saying, “The guy’s obviously incredibly popular and the show that he does provides entertainment to millions of people, but who is responsible for determining whether he carries on or not is his employers.”

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