Bridgestone India Launches Select Plus Concept Store


Popular tyre brand Bridgestone has announced the opening of its first select plus concept store in India. The Bridgestone Select plus retail outlets offer an interactive experience to consumers. At the same time, they can avail tyres and tyre-related services. The new stores feature digital-led experience in choosing tyres, understanding various tyres and their relevance to the consumers’ driving needs. Starting with Pune, Bridgestone plans to introduce these stores in multiple cities in the country by the end of 2021.

Tyres being the most critical part contributing to better vehicle performance and safety of the vehicle on the road, continue to garner low involvement from consumers. With these concept stores, Bridgestone India aims to create higher engagement and informative experience for consumers as they avail tyre services in these stores.

Bridgestone Select Plus Store India Pune

The store in Pune addresses a long-felt need of customers to understand tyre selection and its care better. The process is enabled through an interactive digital kiosk where customers can pick between Bridgestone’s array of choices. The store also offers customer demonstrations to understand the impact that each of the tyre services provides and helps customers get the best out of their tyres.

Bridgestone Select Plus Store India

At the new Bridgestone Select plus store, tyre consultation is no longer limited to taking the best guess on tyre price. However, it helps the consumer identify the most suitable choice depending on a car tyre and driving conditions. The host of services that will be available at Bridgestone Select + stores include:

  • Tyre advise and information on Bridgestone range of tyre products.
  • Tyre selection consultation through a digital tyre selection desk, demonstration and understanding of tyre services.
  • Tyre services and service packages – Alignment, Balancing, Nitrogen, Rotation, among others, will continue to be available, along with the touch and feel experience of various tyre patterns available from Bridgestone.


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