Breaking: Renault planning a big 7-seater SUV for India, Asian markets

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Renault Kadjar Compact SUV (30)

Geneva Motor Show is over, but the residual buzz from the event refuses to die down. It’s been only a few days when we reported in detail about the Kadjar, the latest crossover from Nissan showcased at the motor show. Now, our friends at AutoEvolution are reporting that Renault’s top management has confirmed a big, bad, seven-seater SUV for our part of the world. The new SUV will sit above the Kadjur, below the Espace and will replace the current gen Koleos in Asian markets – including India. In essence, the new SUV will take on the Fortuner, Trailblazer and the new Endeavour in the Indian market.

While the original report states that the Renault SUV will take on the X-trail internationally, the positioning for India wouldn’t likely be as premium. The new SUV will make its debut in 2017. No details about the shape of the new vehicle are available as of now, but it would be safe to assume that it will follow the new Renault styling cues demonstrated by the Kadjar and Captur crossovers.

2014 Renault Captur 1

Renault Captur

According to Renault’s design head Laurens van den Acker “It’s much more than just a big Kadjar – the proportions are slightly different, the positioning is more high-end. We are going for a different type of customer. It will sit just underneath the Espace, which for me remains the flagship of the brand.”

New 2014 renault Koleos action (4)

The new 7 seater SUV will replace the Koleos in India 

The name for the new model has not been decided yet, but according to Michael Van Der Sande, senior vice president, marketing, “There is a fairly high chance the name wiil start with a C or a K.”


The new Nissan X-Trail

Although expected to be a rival, the very capable new Nissan X-Trail will lend its mechanicals and underpinnings to make the new SUV a capable machine off the road. This would also help Renault reduce the development time and keep costs in check.

No official details are available about the engine options yet, but expect a 1.6 liter 130bhp diesel engine to be offered as a basic option.

Would a big seven-seater SUV from Renault interest you? What are the key things you’d expect from it? And at what price point? Do let us know your views by commenting below.

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