Bosch Aims to Cross 1 Billion Euros in Sale by 2020

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Bosch’s two-wheeler & Powersports Business Unit has been aiming to achieve a sales target of 1 billion Euros in the year of 2020, generated by assistance, powertrain, electrification, and connectivity systems. This goal is combined with a vision of making the mobility of future accident-free, stress-free, and nearly emissions-free. Realising the potential our market has to help this brand achieve its goal, Bosch will offer various technologies and parts that can help to make motorcycles safer and comply with the upcoming Bharat Stage – VI emission norms. Bosch’s expertise and finesse in the field of developing powertrain and assistive technologies for bikes were proven by the Polar Odyssey adventure. This trip took 3 Bajaj Dominars from Arctic circle to Antarctic Circle. Let us further discuss the various assistance systems Bosch has to offer the Indian market.

Motorcycle ABS 10 base

Assistance Systems

Safety has become a top priority nowadays, not only for the government but even for the buyer. Bosch aims to tackle this problem with a three-step solution. Firstly, by keeping the bike stable in braking situations and acceleration with systems like ABS or motorcycle stability control (MSC); secondly, by realising predictive safety and comfort functions with innovative surround-sensing such as advanced rider assistance systems; and thirdly, by connecting the bike with its environment through motorcycle-to-vehicle communication. Having introduced ABS and MSC systems in bikes already, now Bosch aims to provide its first set of advanced safety features. These comprise adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, and blind-spot detection. With a reaction time of a few microseconds, these systems would react faster than any human being could possibly do and holds a chance to prevent 1 out of 7 accidents from happening. This system will go to market with Ducati and KTM as soon as 2020.

Lamda Sensor

Powertrain Solutions

With the deadline to meet the BS -VI emission norms just around the corner, Bosch is offering scalable powertrain solutions with electronic engine management systems for internal combustion bikes as well as integrated electrification systems to support vehicle manufacturers in India to comply with BS-6 emission standards and meet India’s unique driving pattern. These systems have proved themselves time and again and known to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as 16% when compared to a regular carbureted machine. “We at Bosch are working towards ensuring a smooth transition to the new emission norms with a tailored product portfolio for the Indian market supporting vehicle manufacturers with local engineering competence – aiming towards realising the vision of nearly emissions-free mobility”, said Prabhu Panduranga, Regional President Two-Wheeler & Powersports Business Unit, Bosch India.

Engine control unit

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“The two-wheeler landscape today is undergoing many changes as industry players look to innovate their service offerings. As a key player in the two-wheeler space, Bosch has always endeavoured to provide services that integrate cutting-edge technology with the company’s inherent focus on functionality and efficiency,” says Geoff Liersch, Head of Two-Wheeler & Powersports Business Unit.

Lamda Sensor
Fuel injector 2
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