BMW Motorrad Announces Revised Prices After Import Duty Cut

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The effects of the recent Import Duty reduction on motorcycles has started to come in effect as BMW Motorrad has announced the updated prices of its products in the Indian market. Prices were reduced by 10% on products across categories.

With the new prices in effect, BMW Motorrad products have become cheaper by INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000 in India. As reported earlier, government had reduced the import duty on premium motorcycles brought into the country via completely built unit (CBU) route to 50%. Prior to the reduction, the customs duty on imported motorcycles with an engine capacity of up to 800cc was 60 percent, while the duty on bikes with a higher capacity engine was 75%.

2015 BMW R1200GS Adventure (1)

Here’s the new price list (compared with the old prices) of the BMW Motorrad range in India.

BMW Motorrad India Price

Model Varant Old Price New Price
R 1200GS Standard INR 15,90,000 INR 15,70,000
Dynamic+ INR 19,00,000 INR 18,90,000
R 1200GS Adventure Standard INR 17,50,000 INR 17,10,000
Dynamic+ INR 20,90,000 INR 20,80,000
F 750 GS Standard INR 12,20,000 INR 12,20,000
F 850 GS Standard INR 13,70,000 INR 13,70,000
S 1000RR Standard INR 18,90,000 INR 17,90,000
Pro INR 21,40,000 INR 20,60,000
S 1000R Standard INR 16,90,000 INR 16,30,000
Sport INR 17,90,000 INR 17,20,000
Pro INR 18,90,000 INR 18,10,000
R 1200R Standard INR 14,90,000 INR 14,90,000
Exclusive INR 15,40,000 INR 15,40,000
Style INR 15,50,000 INR 15,50,000
R NineT Standard INR 17,90,000 INR 17,30,000
R NineT Scrambler Standard INR 15,90,000 INR 15,40,000
R NineT Racer Standard INR 17,30,000 INR 16,50,000
R 1200RS Standard INR 15,90,000 INR 15,40,000
Dynamic+ INR 16,90,000 INR 16,40,000
S 1000XR Standard INR 18,50,000 INR 17,50,000
Pro INR 21,50,000 INR 19,90,000
R 1200RT Standard INR 18,50,000 INR 18,20,000
Pro INR 21,90,000 INR 21,50,000
K 1600GTL Pro INR 28,50,000 INR 28,30,000
K 1600 B Pro Standard INR 29,00,000 INR 28,10,000

Other motorcycle manufacturers who import their products via the CBU route are expected to announce the revised prices soon.

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