BMW to launch the 3-series GT in India

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BMW is planning to bring the GT version of the 3-series in India. This GT version will be larger and hence more spacious version of the 3’er on the lines of the 5 series GT that’s already here.

Earlier, when BMW had launched the 5-series GT in India, it had decent sales figures. Now BMW intends to do the same with 3-series GT which has the interior space and the boot space of a SUV and the performance of a sedan. Even the wheelbase has been increased from the regular 3-series.


THe F30 3-series has its own fan following owing to the superb handling, comfort and the powerful range of petrol and diesel engines. In the pre-F30 models, people had complaints regarding the rear seat space. Now, this has been addressed in the F30 and BMW plans to bring it to a new level with the 3-series GT with more space.

This 3′ er GT from the Bavarian car maker is clearly bigger than the normal 3-series– it’s 200mm longer, 19mm wider and 79mm taller. AS already stated, the wheelbase is longer by 110mm which tranlsates into more legroom in the rear which is as good as the bigger sibling 5-series saloon. The headroom is also increased due to the increase in height of the car. If you are chauffeur driven, this car will be a boon as you can even recline the rear seats. The boot opens like a notch-back and is also bigger. The tailgate is electrically operatable. The rear seats can be split 40:20:40 and folded down to increase the already sufficient boot space to a enormous 1600 litres.


The 5-series looked huge when viewed from particular angles. Especially, the rear could be easily mistaken for a SUV. The 3-series GT is designed on the same lines having a high roof-line. The interiors are unchanged. Due to the increase in height, the rear passeneger is seated a bit higher compared to the saloon.

BMW has decided to plonk the six cylinder 3.0 litre diesel in this GT version. As with all BMW’s it will be rear wheel driven and will get a 8 speed automatic transmission. With the 3.0 litre diesel doing its duty faithfully, it dismisses the 100 kmph mark under 8 seconds, BMW claims.

BMW will launch the car at the 2014 Auto Expo and will come to us via the CBU route. Pricing is expected to be in the range of Rs 45-50 lakh.

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