BMW i3 gets 90,000 test drive requests in just 1 day!

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BMW i3 test drive

We reported in detail when the new BMW i3 was simultaneously unveiled in 3 different parts of the world. The new i3 goes on sale in Germany for a base price of EUR 34,950 only and the i3 is looking poised to become the next big thing at the BMW Group. It has emerged that even though the deliveries of the i3 will commence some days later, the car has got over 90000 test drive requests in a matter of 24 hours! This alone shows the level of excitement people have for this car.

BMW says that the i3 deserves the “Sheer Driving Pleasure” tagline. This could be because of the 50:50 weight distribution and a rear-wheel drive layout. As per BMW, the electric engine’s placement on the rear axle is responsible for offering “unbeatable traction” and optimum maneuverability. The new BMW i3 has a turning circle of just 9.86 meters.

The i3 comes with a single-pedal control system, which means recuperation mode is activated as the the accelerator is pressed. The 168hp electric motor gets into generator mode (from drive mode) and starts pumping power into the lithium-ion battery, along with producing a “precisely controllable braking effect”.

The BMW i3 is equipped with systems such as the Driving Assistant Plus, Parking Assistant, a rear view camera and Speed Limit Info. The car’s battery can be replenished using either a BMW-supplied wall-box or a conventional domestic power socket.

A full charge of the battery takes around 8 hours using the domestic socket. The battery can also be charged up to 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes using the 50kW fast charger.

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