Biography of Steelbird Group founder Sh Subhash Kapoor launched in Delhi

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From the small village of Daddan Khan (Distt Jhelum) erstwhile undivided India to Delhi to scripting the story of the man who introduced Helmets to the country, Mr. Subhash Kapur’s life has been quite an eventful and triumphant journey. To celebrate this illustrious life and inspire a million others, Mr. Kapur’s biography that was launched on the occasion of 50th anniversaries of Steelbird -a seed Mr. Kapur has sown 50 years ago.

The biography chronicles the motivating journey of the entrepreneur and socialite Mr Kapur and talks about the vision that drove him to business of automobile components way back in 1959.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Subhash Kapur said in a voice heavy with emotions, “Fifty years ago, despite all the challenges and hurdles, I was driven by a dream —I have to start something my own. Looking back over the years, I feel the struggle was well worth it.”

Sharing some finest moments of this illustrious journey Mr Kapur told, “In the 1960s, a person died in a road accident in India every five minutes, and I recognised the crucial role helmets could play in lowering this statistic. I was involved in family business—trading vehicle oil filters—having joined immediately after completing my matriculation from Delhi University, in 1959. However, I was ready to branch out on my own by tapping this new opportunity. So, I decided to manufacture helmets and Steelbird was born”

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