Bike Sales November 2014: Bajaj Auto reports 6% decline in motorcycle sales

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Bajaj Auto has reported a six per cent decline in motorcycle sales as they managed to push 2,61,94 units in November 2014, compared to 2,78,703 units in the same month last year. On the upside though, they managed to sell 47,311 commercial vehicles in November 2014, compared to 31,888 vehicles for the same period last year, reporting a growth of 48%. Altogether, BAL managed to push 3,09,259 units for the month of Nov 2014, a figure only marginally smaller than 3,10,591 units that they sold in November 2013.

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 (45)

Exports were up 24 per cent during the month at 1,65,733 units as compared to 1,33,731 units in November 2013. Their year-to-date figures for motorcycle sales now stand almost similar to last year, as for the period Apr-Nov 2014, they sold 23,72,882 units in comparison to 23,36,467 motorcycles they sold during the same time last year, a 2 percent hike. However, Bajaj commercial vehicles witnessed a 22 percent hike in sales as 3,66,406 vehicles were sold during Apr-Nov 2014 in comparison to 3,00,052 units last year. Combined YTD figures stood at 27,39,288 compared to 26,26,519 for the same period last year,  a 4% increase. Exports have increased by 24% as 12,85,340 units left Indian shores, compared to 10,35,346 units last year.

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