Best Parking Video : Do Not Try

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We know parking can be one tedious job especially in India. This following video is from Russia and will show you how amazingly one can park his car while driving in absolutely no time. The driver who is in question in this video drives at speeds close to 100 km/h speed and suddenly hand brake turns 180 and parks where he wanted to. All this intersecting traffic from the opposite direction! That’s one good way to park, and, of course, kill yourself if you want to.

Talking of ways to kill yourself, here’s another video to tell you how. If you thought only the Russian in the video above was a crazy driver, we have a crazy biker from the same country who goes past high-traffic sections in the city as if he was riding on a racetrack. Riding on his R1 this dare-devil demonstrates why people believe in guardian angels. 99 times times out of 100 you’ll land up in a hospital or in the heavens in you tried this. Have a look to believe.


We Advice You Not To Try Any Of These.

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