Bertone to go out of business?

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It has emerged that Italian design house Bertone is close to shutting down! This is because of a major financial problems. It may be noted that around the end of last year, it emerged that Bertone might soon file for bankruptcy and once more, it seems like the creators of the stunning Lamborghini Miura have no left with no option but to go out of business.

While Bertone made close to 20M EUR last year from its Chinese clientele, it still is in a big financial trouble. It is being said that the employees at Bertone haven’t been paid since six months now! 160 workers were even laid off recently. What’s worse is that some suppliers have sued Bertone to reclaim costs.

Other than designing the Miuara, Bertone has also been responsible for designing the Lancia Stratos, Lamborghini Countach and Alfa Romeo Giulia GT.


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  • turboss says:

    what is wrong with the world???? the creators of almost all the best looking cars in the world has to be shut down because of some financial issues. Please motor industry do something to save them or else what will be left is just computer aided designs…!!!!