Bentley showcases strong performance at half-year point

Bentley reports strong growth at half-year point. Luxury car maker expects to show good sales figures for 2014. Read ahead for all the details.

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Luxury car makers are having a ball this year. Yesterday, Rolls-Royce reported record sales half-year numbers for 2014 with a growth of nearly 33 percent compared with the same period last year. Now, another luxury car maker, Bentley Motors, is set to continue its record breaking pattern, with 2014 on track to become the company’s most successful year. At the half-year point, global deliveries increased by 23%, to 5,254 cars, up from 4,279 cars in the first six months of 2013.

Bentley witness strong growth across every region, with gains in China and the Middle East, increasing by 61% and 27% respectively. Global success was driven by new model introductions, with the Continental GT V8 S coupe and convertible, and Flying Spur and Flying Spur V8, entering the market to critical acclaim.

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Expressing his views on the results, Kevin Rose, Bentley’s member of the board for sales, marketing and aftersales said, “There is simply no-one in the luxury automotive sector that can match these results. We continue to prove we are the world’s most sought after luxury car brand. It’s vital to continuously develop in our exclusive market, as our customers are the most discerning. There is no question that some markets will remain tough but we are confident of a good 2014.”

Bentley’s number one market position, the American region, delivered 1,388 cars, an 8% jump on the 2013 performance of 1,282 cars. Success of the Flying Spur and Flying Spur V8 powered sales in the Chinese region to leap by 61%, 1,318 cars in 2014, against 817 cars the year before.


Strong performance in Germany helped Europe post a sales increase of 11%. A total of 825 cars were delivered, in comparison to 740 cars in 2013. Deliveries in the UK also increased, by 2%. Rising from 698 in 2013, 713 cars were delivered, amongst the best UK performance at this stage. Significant sales growth in the Middle East continued, a 27% improvement on 2013 (424 cars), with 537 cars delivered. The Middle East is now firmly established as one of Bentley’s central regions.

These results were reinforced in Asia Pacific, with 323 cars delivered, a 46% rise on the 2013 figure of 222 cars. While in Japan, 150 cars were delivered, a 56% growth on 2013, 96 cars.

2013 was Bentley’s record year, posting the highest delivery, turnover and profit figures in the company’s 95-year history. The company is on track of making record sales this year as well. Will it be able to do it?

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bentley-continental-gt3-r (2)
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