Belaz 75710 is the world’s largest dump truck. Set to claim Guinness Record.

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Belaz 75710

Zhodzina based Belarusian manufacturer of haulage and earthmoving equipment- Belaz has unveiled the 75710, claimed to be the largest dump truck on the planet. Powered by two 16 cylinder turbo-charged diesel engines with a cumulative capacity of 130,000 cc- the Belaz 75710 churns out 2,300 bhp per engine taking the total power tally to 4600 bhp from the two engines. But when one talks of trucks, horsepower is generally a secondary curiosity and the eagerness is more on the torque produced- talking of which the Belaz 75710 produces 18,626 nm of crazy twisting force. Power to those eight massive sized Michelin tubeless pneumatic tyres is fed by an electromechanical transmission powered by an alternating current to take this colossal piece of machinery to a top speed of 64 kph.

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The mining-purpose dumper weighing at 360 tonnes, can still hit its stop speed even while brimmed with its certified max payload of 496 tonnes. The Belaz 75710 is designed to work in various climatic conditions with temperatures ranging from -50 to 50°C+. It runs on a single hydraulic system that operates the dumping mechanism, steering and the braking system.

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Adequate concern has been given to the driver and the co-driver by way of an adjustable seat with the cabin amply insulated from noise, vibrations and harmful dust while working in hostile mining environments.

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Chief Designer of Belaz’s Mining Vehicles- Leonid Trukhnov states that the 75710 is the world’s first 496-ton manufactured mining truck and the company would be submitted the necessary documentation for claiming a Guinness World Record breaking the earlier record held by German manufacturer Liebherr.

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