Bajaj-Triumph’s Roadmap To Develop 200-750cc Triumphs Is Back On Track!

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The global pandemic has caused quite a ruckus in every dimension related to human life. It has been a difficult time for petrolheads too, as it has caused a severe delay in product development. Ask Bajaj Auto and Triumph Motorcycles about it and they would probably throw something at your face. Although the news of these two giants getting in bed together dates back to 2017, it wasn’t until January 2020 when both the firms officially inked the deal. The two firms revealed that the Bajaj-produced Triumphs would span 200-750cc models and would hit the streets sometime in 2022. The pandemic obviously played a huge spoilsport but now, it seems like their roadmap is back on track!

Bajaj and Triumph global partnership

Miles Perkins, Triumph’s Head of Brand Management, had this to say about the development “I have seen the development motorcycles and the prototype for those, it’s all on track. We haven’t yet confirmed exactly what the bikes are and exactly when we will launch them but news is forthcoming soon.” Triumph hasn’t revealed what kind of motorcycles are under development but there’s one thing for sure, that they are planning to release the small-capacity motorcycles globally. The new small-capacity lineup wouldn’t solely be limited to Asian countries only.

Assurance to Triumph fans

Both the companies are bound to take advantage of each other’s expertise. Because that is what relationships are for, right? This isn’t Bajaj Auto’s first outing with an International bikemaker as the company is still in a very healthy state of affairs with KTM and has partnered with Kawasaki in the past. Perkins too, has reassured Triumph fans about the collaboration by handing out this statement “The working relationship is strong, the design development is completely Triumph, these are Triumphs and the partnership is building it and selling them around the world. What Bajaj brings is phenomenal in terms of the ability to develop quality in this volume, especially in the lower capacity range.”

Triumph trident final testing

Bajaj won’t be launching the motorcycle under its own tag but will assist Triumph in manufacturing the motorcycle at their plant in Akurdi, Pune. That means the upcoming motorcycle will bear the tag of either Street, Bonneville or Tiger. Chances are, it could turn out to be something else entirely!

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