New Bajaj 100cc Bike to be Unveiled Today

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Bajaj Auto Ltd, one of India’s leading bike makers, will launch an all new 100cc bike today. This is the same entry level bike that was earlier scheduled to be unveiled towards the end of previous year but the bike maker later deferred the launch to Jan 7 2013.

It may be noted that in spite of repeated attempts, Bajaj has failed to get the better of Japanese rivals in the entry level commuter segment of Indian bike market and it remains to be seen if all this is set to be changed with arrival of the new Bajaj commuter bike that will be unveiled tomorrow.

It is being said that the upcoming bike will be the country’s most expensive 100cc motorcycle till date. This isn’t surprising as the manufacturer has claimed that the bike will  be the most advanced 100cc bike to have ever been sold in Indian bike market.

Our sources say that the new bike will sport BAL’s new tri spark technology (seen on P200NS), will have a mono shock and will also boast of class leading engine specifications like a four valve engine head and a 5 speed transmission. Other features will include a digi speedo console, aircraft type fuel filler cap and LED tail-lamp.

Bajaj has not given much of a hint on what the new product might be called. However, it is being said that the new Bajaj 100cc bike will be an all new brand.

Stay tuned for full update!

Update- The bike has been Unveiled. Click here to read more 


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  • sujay says:

    100cc advanced bike ………..well lets wait and see…….should have front disc and rpm meter,

  • Anant says:

    You never know what the customer wants unless you offer it to them. What if this gives 125cc performance (11bhp) and 100cc FE? What will Honda Dream Yuga do then?

  • Arnob Gupta says:

    100 cc customers are not looking for performance. For them it is FE, low cost of ownership, reliability, the ability to seat 3 and carry luggage. High rpm 4V head with monoshock +5 speed…. wrong segment

  • All the bike lovers and Bike commuters are waiting for the bike. Hope the bike will get success Bajaj to rule over Hero bikes.