Bajaj – KTM 125cc may be launched in a more powerful ‘avatar’ in India


The Indian version of the 125cc Avatar will be more powerful than its Euro-spec iteration

It’s a commonly known fact now that the 125cc KTM Avatar (click here for video) is a bike which was designed and developed by our very own Bajaj Auto at their plant in Chakan. Now, we have come to know from our sources within the company that the bike may hit the Indian roads in ‘avatars’ with a bigger heart than 125cc. And there is good reason for it. You see, the European law requires you to ride a bike which is less than 125cc in cubic capacity and 15PS in power output if your Class A1 riding license were to be considered valid. This forces Euro focused bike makers like KTM to restrict the power cubic capacity and power output to the aforementioned specifications to be able to sell to the ‘learners’.
However, in apna Hindustan, a land where you get the license to drive a Ferrari delivered at your home before you learn how to wash your behind, no such regulations are in place. This means two VERY important things, pay attention.
1.    Bajaj – KTM can de-restrict the 125cc Avatar, making it produce more power than ‘just’ 15PS that the Euro spec version delivers. The increase in power would go a long way in justifying the Rs 1-lakh price tag at which the new bikes are speculated to be sold when they are introduced.
2.    Our sources have revealed to us that ‘bigger’ engines, based on the 125cc Avatar engine will be introduced in India, producing substantially more power than their smaller, original version. We have good reason to believe that some offshoot of these engines will also be powering the next generation Pulsars. We have talked about a 250cc liquid cooled unit which will be plonked into the next-gen Pulsar – expect some KTM tech to filter into the mill
Doesn’t that sound tasty? Exotic KTMs lending their tech to the next gen Bajaj Pulsars – seems like all of us are in for a lot of fun. Stay tuned for more dope on the topic…



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