Bajaj Group Companies contribute 10 crore towards Flood Relief in Tamil Nadu

Added in: Bajaj Auto

While other OEM’s have ramped up their service operations in a bid to ensure the vehicles get on the road soon post the devastating Chennai floods, Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finance have decided to help monetarily for the rehabilitation of the Detroit of India. Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finance contributed an amount of Rupees 5 crore each for the Prime Minister National Relief Fund. The companies have contributed this amount to provide relief efforts in the flood ravaged areas in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.


Mr. Rahul Bajaj, Chairman, Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finance stated, “Tamil Nadu and particularly Chennai has seen unforeseen disaster and damage to property and infrastructure worth crores of rupees. We feel the grief of our fellow citizens in the state and they need our help at this critical time to come out of this tragedy and to rebuild their lives. We are joining the government’s effort to help in relief operations in flood-ravaged Tamil Nadu and provide all support to the affected countrymen in the state.”

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