Bajaj Files Trademark For Freerider – Could It Become Bajaj’s First Electric Motorcycle?

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Bajaj Auto is a well-known brand in terms of two-wheelers and three-wheelers. Over the years, they have performed exceptionally well in sales. Manufacturers are trying to adapt to the ongoing electric revolution and in the same wake, Bajaj pumped new electric life into the Chetak to resurrect it and now, the company has gone ahead to file a trademark under the name ‘Freerider’. If reports are to be believed, it could turn out to be Bajaj’s first electric bike.

More details

It is likely that Bajaj’s Freerider will be based on Husqvarna’s E Pilen. E Pilen was showcased earlier this year and will be launched by 2022.

Husqvarna E Pilen concept (2)


As it is likely that Freerider will be based on the E pilen, omponents like the frame, suspension, braking could be similar. As far as the design is concerned, the Freerider will have its unique feature. The electric bike is likely to use a neo-retro design theme. This design theme is highly preferred by the younger gen. With a sporty design, there will also be rad graphics and decals, perfect for the target audience.

Husqvarna E Pilen concept


The powertrain is also expected to be similar to that of the E Pilen. E pilen is equipped with an 8kw electric motor which churns out 10.73 bhp of power. The exact power figures aren’t disclosed yet. But the range will be around 100 kms on a single charge. This should be sufficient for the city needs.

Bajaj will soon launch the Freerider as the company has been collaborating with KTM to launch a common electric platform. That will result in many electric scooters in the range of 3kW and 10kW. They will likely be using a 48v electric system. KTM and Bajaj are working together to launch an electric scooter. This scooter will be based on the Chetak and will be premium. Freerider will have also come under the premium tag and the prices can be on the higher side.

Husqvarna E Pilen concept (1)

Freerider is likely to go against Revolt RV400 and Kabira KM 400. There are not a lot of electric motorcycles in the market and this should give an upper hand to Bajaj. Bajaj being a trusted brand, customers will consider buying their product.

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