Bajaj Discover 100M Launch to happen on October 15

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Trust Bajaj to come up with at least a dozen variants of each of its model! Only yesterday, we reported that Bajaj would unveil a new Bajaj Discover model on October 15 and now, it has emerged that the bike, which is close to being showcased, will be a new 100cc variant of the popular executive commuter motorcycle.

The upcoming Bajaj Discover variant is a part of BAL’s plan to launch at least half a dozen new Discover models in this financial year. The soon-to-be-launched bike will christened as the Discover 100M and would be essentially a cut-price Discover 100T.

As these spy pics reveal, the Discover 100M would look much like the 100T. However, it will sport rather ‘commuter-class’ rear foot pegs, which are decidedly less appealing than the sporty looking units on the Discover 100T. Also, the bike appears to have a more basic grab rail.


Powering the Discover 100M would be the same 102cc 4 stroke engine which powers the 100T. This engine benefits from a 4-Valves layout and produces 10.2 PS of max power for the Disco 100T. For the 100M though, it will have a lowered max power of 9.5PS. The 100M will come equipped with a set of drum brakes but an optional front disc is highly likely.

A look at the price sheets is enough to point out that there exists quite a gap between the prices of Discover 100T and the Disco 100 (Price of Discover 100T is INR 49,000 whereas the price of Discover 100 is INR 43,820, both prices ex-showroom New Delhi.), All this means that if the upcoming Bajaj Discover 100M, the entry level model in the new gen Discover line up, could be positioned somewhere around the INR 46000 mark.

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Pics: Autocar India

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