Bajaj Boxer 150cc launched in Egypt!

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The 150cc Bajaj Boxer has been launched by Bajaj Auto in Egypt. The Boxer 150 is powered by a 150cc engine and also includes Bajaj’s ExhausTec technology which helps improve efficiency while keeping the atmosphere clean. In order to suit the Egyptian requirements, the bike has been tweaked to make it safer, distinct and stable on the road.

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Dharmesh Banerjee, Director of Planning and Marketing, Bajaj Auto, said, “The launch of the new motorcycle, Boxer 150, in the Egyptian market is intended to serve the middle class and low-income people and help them accomplish purposes of trade, professional and small projects that will improve their living conditions. For a whole year, we have been doing some extensive field research only to find out that the people in Egypt are aspiring for a better motorcycle, but having no alternative to the currently sold Chinese bikes. Hence, to fulfill this rising need, we thought of making a ‘No Problem’ bike: Boxer 150.”

The firm has organized an event called the Bajaj Marathon in front of the pyramids in order to promote the new bike in Egypt. As a part of this event, 15 riders will tour the governorates of Egypt in a period of 13 days covering a distance of close to 2500 km, all on brand new Bajaj Boxer 150s. The main objective of the event is to promote the strength and the reliability that the bike has to offer.

The bike will be assembled and marketed by the leading auto company in Egypt by the name Ghabbour Auto. Its wide network of dealerships across the country will make it easier for Bajaj to reach to the masses.

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