Aventador and Gallardo for the Indonesian Police


Lamborghini Indonesia (3)

Car crazy people were jealous of test drivers who worked at fancy Italian car companies. Then, some countries started to procure Ferrari’s and Lambo’s as cop cars, which diverted attentions from the test driver job, to find a way of becoming a cop in one of these countries. Potential aspirants now have an additional country to apply to, Indonesia.

Lamborghini Indonesia (1)

These cars are currently on display inside a mall, where a child was spotted climbing on the Aventador’s door. If these are cop cars though, which special ops are they a part of, being standstill in a mall, beats us. The Aventador and Gallardo are painted in different shades, while the back of the bigger Lambo reads, ‘Highway Patrol’, the Gallardo belongs to Bantuan police. Lamborghini’s are in the news these days, whether it’s a country procuring them for their cops or a valet who treats it as a NCAP testing machine in India. Read more about it here

Lamborghini Indonesia (5)
Lamborghini Indonesia (4)
Lamborghini Indonesia (3)
Lamborghini Indonesia (2)
Lamborghini Indonesia (1)

Source: Indonesian exotic cars via Worldcarfans

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