Automobile manufacturers likely to face fines up to INR 100 crore for producing unsafe cars


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As we wait for the Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program (BNVSAP) to commence next year, the Government of India is said to be working on a new safety bill. Under the bill, automobile manufacturers are likely to face massive fines if they are proved guilty of producing unsafe vehicles. Reports suggest that the manufacturers might have to pay a fine to the tune of Rs. 100 crore apart from compulsorily recalling the affected vehicles.

Not only the manufacturers, but even the dealers, vehicle body-builders and component dealers are likely to face a fine up to Rs. 1 lakh. The aforementioned rules are part of a proposed recommendation for the bill, the final recommendations of which are expected to be in place towards the end of the month.


A panel headed by the Transport Minister of Rajasthan, Yunoos Khan, has proposed a substantial increase in the fine for flouting the provisions relating to construction and maintenance of vehicles which currently stands at Rs. 1000 for the first offence and Rs. 5000 for the subsequent offences. The bill may also feature a provision that would attract a penalty up to Rs. 5000 for the use of illegal components such as fog lights, pressure horns, auxiliary lights, bull bars and roof carriers.

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The panel also agreed to increase the fines as well as make the imprisonment period more stringent for offences such as drunk driving, driving by minors, over speeding, talking on the phone while driving and jumping a signal. Offenders caught with a fake license could face a penalty of Rs. 10,000 and imprisonment up to one year from the current penalty of Rs. 500 or a jail term of three months. For juvenile drivers, the owner of the vehicle will stand to face stringent action in the form of imprisonment up to three years and a fine of Rs. 20,000. The registration certificate of the vehicle may also stand to be cancelled.

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