Auto Expo 2016: Honda Navi variants and concepts explained in detail


At the Auto Expo 2016, Honda’s quirky NAVI scooter was one of the more interesting launches happening in the two wheeled sphere. With prices starting from INR 39,500 (Ex-showroom price, Delhi), the NAVI is the first model to be completely designed and developed by Honda R&D in India. Let’s take a closer look at the NAVI and its customized avatars.

Honda Navi (3)

This is the standard NAVI. As unique as it gets, the NAVI’s style is something that’ll titillate younger Indian scooter buyers, even in standard form. Its oddball, cartoon-like appearance tries to draw the line line between a motorcycle and a scooter, something that vaguely blends the form of the former with the practicality of the latter. The fuel tank and the seat are positioned in a way that befits a motorcycle, while the drive-train is like a traditional scooter, which means a rear mounted engine strapped to a CVT, and hand operated brakes.

Honda Navi (30)

The Navi measures 1,805 mm in length, 748 mm in width, 1,039 mm in height and 1,286 mm in wheelbase. It has a ground clearance of 156 mm, a seat height of 765 mm, a kerb weight of 101 kg and a fuel tank capacity of 3.8-liters. Power comes from a 110 cc single-cylinder engine with HET (Honda Eco Technology) that makes 7.83 hp at 7,000 rpm and 8.96 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. The engine is mated to the V-matic transmission. The Honda NAVI has a top speed of 81 km/h. The standard NAVI will come in 5 colour options – Patriot Red, Hopper Green, Shasta White, Sparky Orange and Black. However, switchable body panels mean endless possibilities in customization.

Here are some of the NAVI”s highlights:

Honda Navi (24)

The standard NAVI’s animated stare can be attributed to the long faced headlamp

Honda Navi (4)

The NAVI gets telescopic(?) front suspension, CEAT rubber (90/90-12 – front; 90/100-10 – rear) and 130 mm drum brakes.

Honda Navi (23)

A speedometer and a trip-meter is all that a NAVI rider will ever need; maybe a fuel gauge would have come in handy too. 

Honda Navi (22)

A carbon fiber finished insert runs along the top of the fuel tank

Honda Navi (21)

The NAVI’s single seat looks accommodating enough; Honda insists that even taller riders will be at home here.

Honda Navi (29)

The space between the rider’s shins is enough for storing a small bag or two, along with the cat.

Honda Navi (11)

The NAVI’s tail features a conventional, metal grab rail and a tail lamp left over from the expired Stunner/Ignitor models.

Honda Navi (9)

A full, rear mudguard and a rotund exhaust cannister.

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India also had as many as four NAVI based concepts on display to showcase the myriad customization possibilities of the quirky scooter. We take a closer look at them.

Honda NAVI Adventure Concept

Honda Navi Adventure (7)

The NAVI Adventure Concept is fed heavy doses of wanderlust. Outdoorsy adornments come in the form of a windscreen, off-road rubber, hand guards, headlamp protectors, and a couple of storage compartments, including one crammed in the space between the rider’s shins. The Adventure Concept also adds a funky wrap and a dual tone seat.

Honda Navi Adventure (8)
Honda Navi Adventure (6)
Honda Navi Adventure (3)

Honda NAVI N-Street Concept

Honda Navi N-Street (7)

The NAVI N-Street Concept is the sportier cousin. The standard headlamp cluster takes a walk, and in comes a bikini fairing with as many as four clusters – two pilot lamps and two headlamps. The pillion seat is covered with a body coloured cowl, while dabs of yellow paint can be found on the front mudguard and bikini fairing. Unlike the Adventure, the N-Street gets stickier, street tires and alloy wheels. Smart graphics and bar end mirrors round things off for the N-Street.

Honda Navi N-Street (6)
Honda Navi N-Street (4)
Honda Navi N-Street (1)

Honda NAVI Off-Road Concept

Honda Navi Off Road (13)

The NAVI Off-Road Concept explores the motocross theme, with a raised front mudguard, knobby tires wrapped around alloy wheels, hand guards and front fork protectors. The shape of the seat, along with the the tail section’s design will also flatter the best of motocross bikes.

Honda Navi Off Road (8)
Honda Navi Off Road (7)
Honda Navi Off Road (1)

Honda NAVI Trail Concept

Honda Navi Trail (1)

The Trail Concept features less of the NAVI and more of the unknown. Up front, there’s a fixed, scooter like front apron that hosts a single headlamp and indicators. Interestingly, the front suspension on this concept is scooter like as well. The large scooter like seat, bulky side panels and the fuel tank positioning look a bit odd, but since nothing on the NAVI agrees with convention, we’ll give it that. The place between the rider’s shins double up as a luggage box.

Honda Navi Trail (4)
Honda Navi Trail (3)
Honda Navi Trail (2)

Honda NAVI Scoot

Honda Navi Scoot (2)

The NAVI Scoot Concept is a scooter – that’s all you need to know. The fuel tanks stays where it belongs and all the panels conform to it being a scooter as we know it. The pillion’s section of the seat gets a cowl, indicating..we don’t exactly know what.

Honda Navi (33)

We’re not done with customized NAVIs yet, as this version also showcases a few embellishments like custom piping around the headlamp and foot pegs, along with an orange and white colour theme. A mini windscreen, a storage box with NAVI branding and slightly more adventurous tires round off the rest of the additions.

Honda Navi Chrome (2)

There’s more – bling hunters and suckers for retro can settle for this shinier example here. There’s chrome trim everywhere – around the headlamp, on the panels, front forks, handlebars, mirrors, rear grab-rail, side mirrors and even on the wheels. That’s all the NAVI there was at the Expo folks. Enjoy the gallery below:

Honda Navi (30)
Honda Navi (29)
Honda Navi (28)
Honda Navi (27)
Honda Navi (26)
Honda Navi (25)
Honda Navi (24)
Honda Navi (23)
Honda Navi (22)
Honda Navi (21)
Honda Navi (20)
Honda Navi (19)
Honda Navi (18)
Honda Navi (17)
Honda Navi (16)
Honda Navi (15)
Honda Navi (14)
Honda Navi (13)
Honda Navi (12)
Honda Navi (11)
Honda Navi (10)
Honda Navi (9)
Honda Navi (8)
Honda Navi (7)
Honda Navi (6)
Honda Navi (5)
Honda Navi (4)
Honda Navi (3)
Honda Navi (2)

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