Australians make a 170HP – 300Kg track car based on a 1198 motor!

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A team of hard working engineers in Australia have come up with what they believe is the ultimate track car. Limited to only ‘300’ production units, the track car is called ‘Spartan V’ (yes, thats why its limited to 300 units). The car puts a 170hp, 1198cc motor from the Ducati 1198 into a tubular spaceframe chassis covered with carbonfibre bodywork. The whole package weighs a meagre 300 kilos (yes, 300 again!) which helps catapult this machine from naught to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds. Its six speed sequential gearbox allows the Spartan V to achieve a top whack of  277 km/h. The Spartan V uses a chain drive from its 1198 motor and also gives you an optional FIA-approved roll bar for optimum track performance. The Spartan V, should you decide to import it, will set you back by 84,000 dollars (Rs. 40-lakh approx) without the duties. The Spartan V, as you can see, is available in Rossa Corsa (Ducati Racing Red) paint!

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